Digital Strategic Asset Management means applying digital twins to increase whole-of-life asset value and deliver strategic enterprise outcomes faster.
[G Kleppe, CEO Digital Twinning Australia, 2019].

Digital Twin is a digital model: a dynamic representation of a system which mimics its real-world behaviour. This will typically be a real-time, updated collection of data, models, algorithms or
analysis. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or system across its life-cycle, using real-time data to enable understanding, learning and reasoning.
[National Infrastructure Commission, UK 2017].

Legacy Asset Management means "the life cycle management of physical assets to achieve the stated outputs of the enterprise."
[Asset Management Council, 2014].

Digital Strategic Asset Management

Digital Asset Management combines asset planning and maintenance for the soul purpose of increasing asset usability, safety and customer experience [Cx.] whilst systematically reducing the cost to deliver services and experiences.

Digital Twinning Australia use the latest technologies, commonly found in every organisation, to create a digital twin or replica of your physical asset…a virtual representation of the built-form.  Clients can accurately view in live time asset components and systems performance enabling predictive and prescriptive management of the asset’s maintenance for optimal performance and lower cost.

Digital Twinning Australia’s platform, offered as a service, paves the way for accurate capital investment modelling of asset life-cycle including operating expenses, upgrade, refurbishment and replacement at the project, precinct and portfolio levels.


Digital Twin Services

Digital Twinning success is all about context, requirement and evidence-based agility.  At Digital Twinning Australia our context has been to reduce the cost to operate by focusing on critical asset systems; asset life-cycle optimisation; reliability centre maintenance; and intelligent cost planning.

At Digital Twinning Australia [DTA] we build, using common-off-the-shelf productions and Industry 4.0, a scalable Digital Twin Platform [DTP] or Paas [Platform as a Service].

The maintained DTP will import live operating data plus historically held condition, performance and procurement data from other applications.  The DTP visualises all data specific to a component or system enabling collaboration anywhere, anytime DaaS [Data as a Service]

Having live critical system data means machine learning and artificial intelligence analytics are not theoretical or legacy locked.  Digital Twinning Australia’s DTP delivers evidence based predictive and prescriptive hypotheses; decisions become real-time and evidenced based AaaS [Analytics as a Service].