New venture set to disrupt asset management in Australia

October 23, 2019

Internationally respected expert in intelligent asset management, Genéne Kleppe, has today launched a new venture set to disrupt how governments and corporations understand, manage and optimise their assets.

Unveiled at the Future Infrastructure Summit in Melbourne, Digital Twinning Australia uses innovative ‘digital twinning’ technology to create interactive 3D digital models of assets such as buildings, mines and civil infrastructure – either new or upgraded – and then provides intelligent asset management through remote monitoring and response.

Increasingly used overseas, digital twinning is beginning to capture the interest of Australian CEOs, COOs and Boards for its risk management and cost-saving potential – particularly within the mining, industrials, oil, gas infrastructure and construction industries.

“I’m delighted to bring digital twinning, the world’s most advanced planning and modelling tool, to organisations across Australia,” said Genéne.

“Digital twinning is a breakthrough technology that has the potential to deliver outstanding returns on investment, including lower maintenance costs, reduced shut down times, requires fewer resources and faster trouble-shooting of critical system incidents.

“Digital twins are dynamic and capable of remote operation, and they enable collaborative decision making, with the ability to recalibrate.

“It’s clear digital twinning is the future for strategic asset management, and first movers – particularly within the mining, industrials, oil, gas infrastructure and construction industries – are already recognising the benefits.”

Together with lead consultant Genéne, Digital Twinning Australia employs a team of asset and project managers, supervisors, modellers, engineers, cost analysts and customer journey mappers, as well as a broad professional network of engineers and project managers that can be assembled to take on large corporate briefs.

Genéne will be delivering a series of presentations on digital twinning at the Future Infrastructure Summit in Melbourne on Wednesday 23 October and in Brisbane on Monday 28 October. She will then join the inaugural Digital Twinning Symposium in Sydney on 1 November.