Introduction to Flourishing Systems

May 18, 2020

This post is a response to the Centre for Digital Build Britain [cdbb] and Smart Infrastructure & Construction [SI&C]’s paper on Flourishing Systems. A copy of the paper can be downloaded here: flourishing systems cdbb may2020.

This paper draws particular attention to the challenges of making the relationship between technology and health clearer, building and nurturing outcomes focussed on people and society.

Around thirty years ago industry pushed down a specialisation route with generalist skills diluting our ability to allow naturally-forming micro-systems. For example – ability to fix a leaking tap but not the plumbing system.

This level of specialisation has meant the majority struggle with understanding “systems of systems”.  Making clear critical systems results in lower cost to operate, better quality or more product. Digital Twinning Australia has tested and proven the hypothesis.

cdbb estimate a £7b/year [AU$13b/year] benefit from digital twins, requiring digital assets to be recognised as assets, akin to how physical assets are viewed.  Digital twins therefore become a depreciable asset.

Digital Twinning Australia already has a project in operation, looking at how legislation needs to be adjusted to enable the genuine recognition of data as an asset. Our objective is to initiate a robust conversation to raise awareness and increase understanding.

You don’t have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up, working with Digital Twinning Australia you can quietly lead the way.

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