Platform as a Service [PaaS]

Clarified information and operational architectures

Inventory relevant platforms and applications

Illustrate how existing architecture, platforms and applications are leveraged for a digital twinning

Chart how to get started with least technology and highest value impact

Build digital twin platform/s using common off-the-shelf, affordable products

Maintain the integrity, accuracy and functionality of the platform

Data as a Service [DaaS]

Harmonised operating and information technology data sets

Operating data linked to 3D replica for real-time & historical monitoring

Visualised operational data at the desktop for real-time collaboration and decision making

Maintained integrity, accuracy and functionality of critical systems data



Analytics as a Service [AaaS]

Dashboard of key performance indicators in numeric and graphical form

Emergent or changing trends highlighted & notified

Machine learning options drafted, approved, implemented

Artificial intelligence opportunities highlighted, approved, deployed

Maintain the integrity, accuracy and functionality of insights