At Digital Twinning Australia, we are specialists in strategic project and asset management, the Australian leaders in applied digital twinning.

Led by internationally respected expert in strategic intelligent project and asset management, Genéne Kleppe, our team consists of asset, program and project managers, supervisors, modellers, engineers, cost analysts and customer journey mappers, as well as a broad professional network of engineers and program/project managers that can be assembled to take on sizeable corporate briefs.

We are big picture systems thinkers committed to continuous improvement and R&D in the latest international technologies, including digital twinning.

Widely adopted overseas, digital twinning is capturing the interest of Australian CEOs, COOs and Boards for its risk management potential.

As the most advanced planning, modelling and optimisation tool for the global infrastructure and resources sectors, our expertise in this field allows us to create interactive dynamic 3D fully digital models of physical assets such as buildings, mines and infrastructure – either new or sustaining capital – plus provide intelligent strategic asset management through remote monitoring, control and response.

We are currently deploying our technologies in government agencies, corporates and SMEs in mining, defence, construction, infrastructure, education, aged care, health and retail.



Digital Twinning Australia proudly supports the Industry Advocate initiative. Digital Twinning Australia is based in South Australia.